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Thank you Sponsors

Wenatchee Senior Softball players extend their thanks to all our team sponsors for their financial support of the association. Visit our Sponsor page to view the local businesses that contribute to our association. Do your part to support the businesses that support us.

If you are a man who will be at least 48 this year or a woman who will be at least 35, then...



Registration is closed for the 2018 Season, Registration will open for the 2019 season in early February.




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Registration for the 2018 League Season is closed. Thanks to everyone for the successful transition to online registration. About 80% of the League members signed up in 2018 in our first year for an online registration option.

New or Returning Players, before signing up, check out the League information at Competition Options.

Notice: 1) Regarding League player fees, the League adheres to a "no pay, no play" policy. As a condition to participate, all player fees are due prior to stepping onto the field including softball team practices and preseason activities. This is intended to ensure consistency with administrative best practice and fairness to all Players. 2) As a condition to participate, all Players must affirm their acceptance of The Code of Conduct and the Player Waiver, Release and Indemnification during the sign up process . These requirements and policies are enforced for the entire season starting with the annual Kick-Off Tournament in April. Any violations of either of these requirements may result in forfeiture of a game or games where the violation(s) occurred. Any penalties assessed are at the sole discretion of the WSS Executive Board.

Returning Players - Registration ClosedMemberPlanet Sign Up Invitation

Not sure if we have an email for you? If you haven't been receiving email from us, then we do not have it or we messed up the spelling. Either way, see "If the League does not have an email address for you" section below.

If the League has your email address

You will be receiving an email invitation from us through our partner MemberPlanet that looks similar to this image at the right. Simply click the button in the email, set your account password and follow the instructions to complete your profile, securely pay your player fee online with a credit or debit card, or an eCheck (it's a secure way to write an online check), and you are there. League fees are $20 if you play on one team, or $40 if you choose to play on two teams.

Next season, you will simply login to your MemberPlanet account, pay your fee and update your profile if any changes need to be done.

If the League does not have an email address for you, there are a couple of of options:

1) Get an email address from gmail, hotmail, yahoo or many other places online, or perhaps use your spouse's if they are amenable, or if you already have one, just email us from your email address including your name and team. We will send you an invitation to join. Then you follow the same "If the League has your email address" procedure noted above.

2) Not into email, then contact your Coach to sign up using a paper registration system and pay your player fee. We will manually add you to the system. It is highly preferred to avoid the paper system that adds a lot more work for your Coach and others who manage the League, so please reconsider the first option above.

New Players - Registration Closed

Coaches will meet prior to the season to choose New Players to fill their team roster vacancies or new teams may be formed as circumstances dictate. New Players will be assigned based on the paramenters outlined at Competition Options. Please read those guidelines before you sign up. Every reasonable effort will be made to place every person wishing to play on a team in the appropriate League Division based on age, skill, appetite for competition and player safety considerations.

Sign Up ButtonTo register as a New Player, click the Sign Up Now button, create an account, complete the profile information, and make your player league fee payment with a credit or debit card, or an eCheck (it's a secure way to write an online check). League fees are $20 if you play on one team, or $40 if you choose to play on two teams.