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Thank you Sponsors

Wenatchee Senior Softball players extend their thanks to all our team sponsors for their financial support of the League. Visit our Sponsor page to view the local businesses that contribute to our community. Do your part to support the businesses that support us.

If you are a man who will be at least 48 this year or a woman who will be at least 35, then...


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Other League Information

Batting Practice

Batting practice is held starting in March and going through September. The sessions are held at Walla Walla on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9 am to as long as it takes for all to get two chances at the plate hitting about 10-15 pitches each time. Bring your glove to help shag for other hitters.

Rainout Policy

If rain is threatening or has already rendered unplayable conditions games will most likely be cancelled and rescheduled at a later date.

Rainout Communications

On those rare occassions, the PUD and/or Coaches have determined games must be cancelled due to field conditions, you will be contacted by your Coach as soon as practical after the decision has been made. Should you not have heard anything by 4:30 pm on gameday, call (509) 416-6692 for a recorded message about whether the games are on or are cancelled and will be rescheduled for another day. If no message is recorded about cancellation, the games will be played as scheduled. Of course, if conditions do not permit safe play, games may be cancelled at gametime. If the game is to be rescheduled, the revised schedule including the new date and time will be posted when the most recent schedule is available. Coaches are emailed the revisions as soon as they are completed..

Rules and Regulations

Wenatchee Senior Softball is affiliated with Senior Softball USA. Our rules are consistant with the Official Senior Softball 2017/18 Rule Book, with exceptions as found in our 2018 Wenatchee Senior Softball Rules.

Game Officiating

Except for Division I vs. Division I third-party umpired games, contests during league play are self-umpired. Each team in their batting half of an inning contributes one umpire behind the plate and one in the field. Regradless of Division, arguing calls and other acts of poor sportmanship are not acceptable under any circumstances. Wenatchee Senior Softball reserves the right to suspend or terminate players who violate that basic condition of participation. See the policies governing player misconduct.



Find the new "hot" bat, or if you need shoes, pitchers masks, batting gloves or any other softball related equipment, you will find it by following the links below.