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Thank you Sponsors

Wenatchee Senior Softball players extend their thanks to all our team sponsors for their financial support of the association. Visit our Sponsor page to view the local businesses that contribute to our association. Do your part to support the businesses that support us.

If you are a man who will be at least 48 this year or a woman who will be at least 35, then...



Registration is closed for the 2018 Season, Registration will open for the 2019 season in early February.




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Contact Us


The League phone number is (509) 416-6692. The general purpose email for the Wenatchee Senior Softball Association is Or you may call or email any of the Executive Board members.

Extended Board and Executive Board Officers

The Executive Board is comprised of the League menbers who overesee the governance and operations of the League. The 2018-19 Executive Board consists of the following elected persons:


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Cell Phone (509) Area Code


Rich Halterman


Vice President

Bob Schmidt



Susan Letts



Greg Alderson


Field Coordinator

Mark Loyd


Tournament Director

Cindy Juengling


Tournament Director

John Watson



The Extended Board which approves expenditures, League rules and other League business is comprised of the Executive Board and a representative from each team in the League, usually a Coach.

The League offers its thanks and gratitude to Pete Maxson, the long time League President or contributor, Hall of Fame member, Coach, and player who stepped down in July 2018. Pete will be missed and leaves a legacy of an effective leader who always had a lot on his plate but delivered the results that helped keep the League moving forward. Rich Halterman will follow Pete as League President.

The League also sends the 2017-18 Secretary, Rod Dofelmire, its thanks for his service to the League and also for his contributions to girl's fast pitch softball in the Wenatchee Valley. Rod has moved out of the Valley due to a new job opportunity, but we hope to see him back for one or more of our tournaments. Susan Letts takes over as the current League Secretary.

All other officers elected are returning in the same roles as last year.


Board Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Board meetings are available to League Players and Coaches upon request to Generally minutes are emailed to the membership after each meeting if the League has been provided a current email address.