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Wenatchee Senior Softball players extend their thanks to all our team sponsors for their financial support of the League. Visit our Sponsor page to view the local businesses that contribute to our community. Do your part to support the businesses that support us.

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Competion Options

Wenatchee Senior Softball operates a multi-divisional summer league that typically runs from April into mid-July. At the end of the season there is a team-optional end of season tournament and a league sponsored (aka "free") A+ picnic-style banquet for WSS players and their families.


Wenatchee Senior Softball offers multiple levels of competition and skill combinations. We strive to match a player's skill level, age and appetite for competition by placement on teams which compose three divisions. The goal is to create competitive teams within a division while factoring in player age and skill for player safety reasons. While age can be a key determining factor in maintaining player safety and intra-divisional competitiveness, there is a league exception process to the divisional age guidelines referred to below. Women aged 35 or more are allowed to participate in any division at a Coach's discretion, but evryone is encouraged to be mindful of player safety for themselves.

Division I

Division I offers the most competitive level of play. Division I players tend to have several years of competitive softball or athletic experience, possess better than average softball skills, and thrive on competition. Many of these teams and players are regulars on the weekend tournament circuit. Generally male players aged 55 or less must play in Division I unless approved by a league committee as an exception. Division II aged male players (aged 56 to 61) are granted an automatic exception to play on a Division I team.

Division II

Division II players are still competitive, have a fair amount of softball playing experience, but male players must be between the ages 56 to 61 unless approved by a league committee as an exception. Division III aged male players (over age 61) are granted an automatic exception to play on a Division II team.

Division III

Division III players are in it to get some exercise, to socialize and have some fun playing a more recreational brand of softball. Skill levels vary considerably, but the emphasis is having a good time. This division is a good choice for persons who have been out of the game for some time or have not played much before. Some of these teams participate in tournaments here in Wenatchee. Male players must be 62 or older to play in Division III unless approved by a league committee as an exception.

Primary and Secondary Teams

All players have the option to play on a second team. The following set of guidelines govern how this is done.

    1. Your regular team is designated as the Primary Team. Your second team is designated as the Secondary Team.
    2. Your choice of a Secondary Team must adhere to the age guidelines written above and, of course, are subject to approval of that team's coach.
    3. When choosing a Secondary Team, it cannot be in a Division lower than the Primary Team's.
    4. You are obligated to always play when your Primary Team is scheduled to play unless the Primary Team coach has consented for you to play on your Secondary Team at that time.
    5. If your Primary and Secondary team play each other, you are obligated to play on the Primary Team unless the Primary Team coach has consented to an exception.
    6. Players shall pay an additional player league fee of $10 for opting for a Secondary Team.

Player Fees

League player league fees are $20 for playing on one team. If you elect to play on two teams, the total fee is $30. Like all leagues that are part of the Apple Valley Softball Association (AVSA), a majority portion of those fees are paid to AVSA for their league administrative services and the field maintenance fund. For returning players, there is a late registration fee of $10 for renewals after March 10. This does not apply to new players.

Code of Conduct and Player's Waiver, Release of Liability and Indemnification

A condition of participating as a member of Wenatchee Senior Softball is the player's consent and affirmation of the Wenatchee Senior Softball League Policy Governing the Code of Conduct and the Player Waiver, Release of Liability and Idemnification Agreement. A copy of the full text of the Policy and Agreement is required to be read and affirmed as part of the annual renewal and or new player registration process.

Essentially the Code of Conduct Policy outlines disciplinary actions for acts considered as player misconduct. The second piece is a legally binding agreement protecting the League and other parties from lawsuits and other legal actions related to a Player's participation in softball activities.

Game Officiating

Games during league play are self-umpired. Each team in their batting half of an inning contributes one umpire behind the plate and one in the field. Arguing calls and other acts of poor sportmanship are not acceptable under any circumstances. Wenatchee Senior Softball reserves the right to suspend or terminate players who violate that basic condition of participation as outlined in the Wenatchee Senior Softball League Policy Governing The Code of Conduct.